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Posting Titles for help - Is yours effective or not?

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Before posting in the forum you have to decide ... "Type your post title".

This can mean the difference in the dreaded downvote to a fiver aka as songvenese language, - 5 gets your post hidden, or getting the answer (s) you need.

For example ... HELP !!!!! Is not a good way to start a post. This post is likely to be downvoted because once the link is clicked you find something like "I can't type the ñ in Spanish , how do I do that?" As some posters have said, Is google broken for you? (One of the best comments I've seen yet!). Search the forum first before posting. (The search bar is located on the right hand side above "Your subscriptions".) A better title would have been "I can't type the Spanish letters", it lets others know immediately what you need.

Hello, Hi, How are ya'll today, Heeeeey ... These are not effective titles if you need help. Most likely you will get skipped and/or downvoted. Say what help you need upfront and then in the post body explain in detail, "I need help with my IOS app, I can't find the club tab".

How do I report a user? An effective title, it lets the whole nest know that someone is misbehaving and needs to be reported.
You see where this is going? Think before you ink! (from a generous and helpful birdie)

P.S. there are many other examples, feel free to add what you've seen work and not work for others

Posted on April 13, 2019 08:15:35 PM

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