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Last updated: 11/04/2020

What is HotaVN?

HotaVN is a completely free language learning community for everyone.

Privacy Policy

  • We respect your privacy. Personal privacy is absolutely essential. We only use information, such as your email and name, to provide you with our services.
  • We will not share any of your personal information with third parties unrelated to HotaVN.
  • Learning a new language will often cause you to share personal information (name, phone number, age, ..) However do not share excessively. Bad guys can take advantage of you and exploit from this. Sharing and encouraging others to share personal information may result in your/that person's posts, messages, comments, even deleting your account!
  • HotaVN is not responsible when users arbitrarily share personal information!
  • You can always delete or update the information about yourself that you provide to your account in Settings -> Edit Profile

Providing data to 3rd parties

  • We only provide user data to 3rd party only google
  • By using our website, you consent to the collection of your information by us and a third party (google).
  • You can cancel google's data collection on Ads Settings

The use of intellectual property

During the use of HotaVN, you may not copy, distribute or publish any materials (images, sounds, lessons, ...) belonging to HotaVN without the prior consent of HotaVN. . All lessons are the absolute and exclusive property of HotaVN!

About the Forum

HotaVN encourages users to upload their own sharing instead of copying from the internet. We also strictly prohibit COPY and then edit the source as our own. Articles copied from the internet without a source will result in a warning and the article may be removed. You should present it fully, beautifully, clearly, should highlight the title of each section in the Forum post. You should also avoid abbreviations.

Please DO NOT use HotaVN

  • Violating the Constitution of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam
  • Posting erotic, violent images
  • Insults, violence, harassment, bullying of others
  • Swearing, swearing
  • Sectarianism, racism, sexism
  • Impersonate someone
  • Cheating
  • Scam

If you violate one of the above, we will remove your messages, posts, images, ... without notice. If you violate many times, you will most likely lose part or all of your access to HotaVN!

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