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My father used to be a pilot, so when I was a young, through his stories, I would hear about the beauty of the immense sky, about night flights, about journeys to remote lands. Since then, the image of an air-hostess in the traditional ao-dai has been fostered in my mind.

It’s really interesting to become an air-hostess. If you are an international flight attendant, you can not only have chances to travel abroad but also take advantage of them to broaden your knowledge.

While getting in touch with passengers coming from different countries in the world, you can practice your English, the improvement of which may help you yo get more confidence and promotion in your job.

Apart from those mentioned, as an air-hostess, you can always find the job exciting because you can visit different places and meet different people every day.

Posted on April 15, 2020 10:16:37 AM

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